Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Convention 2011 GROW

 So I decided to post pictures from all the conventions I have been to before just for fun! 2011 was my first Stampin Up convention!

Home offices in Riverton. I just went by on my way up to convention.

 I still think i need this bicycle!

 The new holiday catalog
 Some of my favorite queens! (our group name is The Queens of the stamp age)
Not only is Brandi my up-line but she is my beautiful, talented, and wonderful niece(by marriage)!


It was so much fun that i had to go the next year!

Post Inspire Create Share 2014 update!

I spent most of last week Stampin up's convention!
It was amazing as usual! This was my fourth year and I am already planning on next year.

This year I was asked by my friend Cortney to help with a display board with a group of our other friends called the Creation Nation Design Team. I worked in conjunction with another gal to create items for a tween hipster birthday party. I love what I created and sort of wish that I had made two of everything since I didn't get to keep what I made. 

I started with a cake banner! I really wanted to make pom-poms for the skewers but didn't make them big enough. I like what happened better, love a happy accident! 
I used the new Little Letters Thinlits Dies for the letters

(please ignore the mess!)

Awhile ago i found a templet on Pintrest for a bowl made out of the petite purse die. I used 6 pieces and left the flap for a little extra dimension.
I think it will be super cute as a candy bowl for a party

I think this banner is my favorite! The letters are from the Simply created banner kit and I made the banner from the banner framelits.

I am not sure what to call these, utensil wraps? I loved the straws from the June paper pumpkin kit so i thought i would throw those in, and the silver ware is plastic but looks real! I have be obsessed with this camera stamp since the catalog premier and this was the perfect project for it.

 I also made a few extra cards to display. I may have to use all of these for a class soon(ans the pearls)!

Here is how all of our projects looked together! It was a pleasure working with all of these talented ladies!

If any of these projects or products interest you please check out my website www.kate.stampinup.net

Monday, August 30, 2010

Soccer Season 2010

Here we start another soccer season, we skipped last year mostly because she had no desire to play. This year was different, I think it is because we have been watching so much soccer between the World Cup and Real Salt Lake games.
It has been great so far, her best friend is on the team and she knows a bunch of other kids on the team. These pictures are from game #3. The team plays well together. At this age they don't keep score, but the kids will let you know that they have won the last two games.
Sneak peak of her soccer photo! She actually let me do her hair, can you believe it!
Discussing something important?
Waiting to go back in.

Not too bad of a view of the mountains for watching the games!

First day of school 2010!

This is Rosalind's 2nd grade year, time flies!
This picture doesn't show it but she was super excited for school to start, she tried on her first day of school outfit four time leading up to school. So the night before we loaded up her backpack and she was ready to go.
Waking up is hard to do!
Her first day of school outfit laid out and ready to go, Nana got it for her sans the shoes and new hat.
She requested orange rolls weeks ago for the first day of school breakfast.

What a doll, that is my super preppy girl. She had a great day, she loves her teacher and really likes her class.

Cowabunga Bay!

The day before school started We went to Cowabunga Bay, I had been promising Rosalind all summer that we would go. It was a good day to go, it wasn't too busy but it was a little chilly so when you got out of the water it was COLD! So this made wanting to go on all the slides less desirable. We spent most of the day floating around the lazy river. It was fun and I am glad we finally went. The Rose had a blast!

Our new hobby!

This is our new hobby, not too big of an investment and we have so many places we can go that are near by. Last Saturday we went up to Highland pond or whatever it is called behind Lone Peak HS. It was very pretty but lots of people were there. Our big mistake was going to Cabelas before hand to get our licenses(we just should have gone to Wal-Mart)because it was packed. So no more Cabelas on a Saturday, lesson learned!
Rosalind took this picture of us, not too bad.
The Rose
This is the most we caught!

Silly girl!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Education Week

I know everyone is asking "Kate what have you been doing this week?" Well this is it,
Education Week at BYU. Then they ask "well what is education week?" So Education week is like a grown up Bible camp for my non-Mormon friends, or for my those who are Mormon its like EFY but with less dancing, singing, and general craziness. So that means thousands of people going to classes to learn to be better people, parents, and to come closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Not a bad was to spend a week.
So far I have only been to the classes I have been to one class other than the ones I was assigned to volunteer for, but my lovely husband is taking the day off so I can spend all day there. What a good husband. So off I go to get ready for the day of learning how to make Kate a better person.
I want to do this again next year, but I think I might pay to go instead of volunteering so I can go to whatever I want all week long, hopefully I can get Joe to come next year too. Good bonding time don't you think.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Casserole from the Baby shower

So this is the recipe from the baby shower for those of you who wanted it. Next time I make it I am going to add a little Tabasco or something with some kick. Enjoy!
btw- love this cookbook, I have used it a lot!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Ring dish

For the longest time I have been looking for a ring dish/holder. I think that this is the perfect one check out the cuteness! Thank you Anthropology!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Camping 2010!

This past weekend we went camping with Brent and his kids, Brian and LeeAnn, Bob and Linda, and Kent and Beth. It was the same place we went last year, Meeks Dam in WY. We were supposed to go to the family reunion too back down in Orem, but once we were there we just didn't want to leave. We really should go camping more often.
Joe took this picture of the windmill farm just outside of Evanston, I like the stormy sky behind the very white windmills. Good job Joe!
We got day fishing licenses, Joe caught a few but Rose and I didn't get any. But I did buy an awesome pink fishing pole, so now I have my own. We need to get licenses for UT so we can fish down here too.
Even though not many of us were there it was fun playing and hanging out with the family. Rosalind always has a blast playing with the cousins, and Joe always has fun spending time with his siblings.
Its is hard to believe how big all the little cousins are getting, and they all have such cute personalities. Also it was nice to spend time with cousin Kory, who will be leaving on a mission next month.

What is it about a white t-shirt and jeans that just looks good on everyone. Rosalind did not want to leave early but we had to get home to Joe could teach Sunday school the next day. Thanks Brent and Debbie for inviting us to come.